Top Layer

The top layer of our Paradise Bags is made from up-cycled sailboat sails. Sails are designed to be used in an aquatic environment and built to withstand the rigors of the sea. Sails are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is polyester and is commonly referred to by the brand name Dacron. PET has excellent resiliency, high abrasion and UV resistance, and high flex strength. Sails were born to be at sea and now we can keep them out of landfills and give them a second chance to connect with our oceans.


The sides of our bags are made from EcoMade 900D water-resistant Cordura. Our Cordura fabrics are made from recycled polyester yarns and are known for their durability and resistance to abrasions, tears, and scuffs.

Foam Padding

While industry standard is 1/4″, we use 3/8” closed-cell foam to further protect your board and add rigidity to our bags. Our foam is made from 80-100% post-industrial recycled content.

Tarpaulin Liner and Bottom

We use recycled tarpaulin for the inner lining of our bags as well as the bottom. The tarp is made from 60% post-industrial recycled content. The weight of the tarp is 165 g/m2(gsm) or 4.87 oz/yd2. We tested a ton of different materials and ultimately made this selection based on quality, durability, and environmental impact.

Edge Banding, Fin Slot and Shoulder Strap

We work with a partner to intercept rejected webbing before it gets to the landfill. These materials have been rejected for use in their originally intended applications, most commonly due to the actual color being different than the intended color.

Shoulder Strap Attachment

Sustainable Wood Toggles.


All Paradise Bags open and close with eco-friendly YKK #10 Natulon RC zippers. This is the most durable zipper we could find and the zipper tape is made of 99% recycled PET.

Zipper Pulls

The zipper pulls are up-cycled kiteboarding control lines. This is Dyneema rope that’s extremely strong, lightweight, and UV resistant.


We use up-cycled three-strand anchor line to create the handles on our Paradise Bags. They measure 1/2″ in diameter.


We work with a local awning company to up-cycle their scrap Cordura to make our logos. While some of the early logos have screen-printed letters, they are now all embroidered.


We searched long and hard for a super strong recycled thread that we could employ to stitch our Paradise Bags together. While we were successful in locating a few recycled threads, when tested none of them were strong enough to meet our durability standards. We currently use a heavy-duty Polyester thread designed for the upholstery industry.